Dec 29

Warehouse Cleaning

Moving to a bigger space as business expands

My parents decided to move their cabinet business to an actual shop closer into town, in a sort of industrial area. They found a warehouse-type of building that another business had vacated, and it was the right price and the right size for the cabinet business.

The cabinet business has grown and my parents have decided to buy some new equipment. It’s big equipment—too big for the place they have now.

One of the things they are going to purchase is a paint booth, similar to one they had back in Trehlebov. It’s the size of a small room, so you really have to have a warehouse or something to fit in a booth like that.

Also they are buying a bigger saw table.  You can see what I’m talking about in the link.

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They will be able to put very large sheets of plywood on it and do cut-outs and all that. It’s like a huge table with a saw that comes up through the bottom. The whole thing is computerized, and that is set up at the side of the saw.

So those two things alone—the paint booth and the oversized table saw—need lots of space.

So they found this warehouse, but it’s filthy. I went with them the other day to look at.

The first thing they need to do is get it cleaned. I helped out with the process of finding a good pressure-washing company. We Googled local companies and also asked around a bit.

Yesterday the company we selected came out and did their thing. They came in a dedicated work truck with huge tanks mounted on the bed and four hose reels with different kinds of hoses, and various other pieces of equipment.

They worked the whole day on the warehouse. One guy did the roof, which looked awful. It was all streaked with mold and very ugly.

He got up on to the roof and sprayed a bunch of stuff all over it and then rinsed it. It took him a few hours, but it was transformed. The mold is all gone and it looks like a roof is supposed to look.

On the inside, they actually washed the walls and the ceiling. They had high pressure hoses with nozzles of different kinds, and they could spray their water and solution all the way up to the top.

Not sure how they didn’t short out the lights, but nothing blew, so I guess they knew what they were doing.

There had been tons of spider webs and insect stuff all over the ceilings. I was afraid to walk under it, like bugs or spiders would fall down on to me. But they washed all that stuff away. The ceiling looks like new and the walls are all clean too.

Then they took out these big round cleaning things for the floors, and they went back and forth over the entire floor, cleaning that. There were some paint stains from the previous tenant that didn’t come up, but everything else did, and the floor looks great too.

My parents are very happy with the pressure-washing company they chose. And the warehouse is all ready for them to move into.

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