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Hi there. I’m Sasha.

Welcome to my blog!
I called my blog Trehlebov because that’s where I come from: Trehlebov, Estonia.
I moved here when I was 12. I moved with my parents to Topeka, Kansas. There my parents started a cabinet business. They started this business because back in Estonia, they were woodworkers, specifically cabinet makers .

So I have spent the last number of years of my life growing up in the Midwest. I have gotten used to life In Kansas after my life in Estonia .

My life in Estonia was very different from what it like here in the United States. We lived in Trehlebov, as I said, and that was a very large city.

We lived in a small house. I know I said we lived in the city but we live outside the city actually. We had a shop on our property and this is where my parents made the cabinets.

My parents always worked together. They have worked together for as long as I can remember. I think they make a great team. I don’t know what they would do without each other. Even though my mom nags my dad, and my dad shouts at my mom, I think they are actually very happy together.

We moved to the United States because the economy went very bad in Estonia and no one wanted to buy cabinets anymore. We were having a hard time with having enough money to live on. My father has a brother who lives in Topeka, and his brother sent him enough money for us to come move to theUnited States. And that’s what we did.

We closed up the cabinet shop and we packed up our house.

We found somebody to live in our house while we were gone.

My parents didn’t know if they would be moving permanently or if they might one day come back to Estonia. So that’s why they didn’t sell the house outright.

They were happy with the people they found to live in the house.

So that’s the background of how I got to the United States.

I’ve wanted to write about it for a while, so I’m starting this blog to do that.

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