Jan 13

Pressure-Washer Cop

So, I went on a trip to see a friend. She lives the next state over, so I made it a trip of several days, and I drove.

I think I must’ve had a sign on the back of my car that said, Police, stop this woman!

Because I got stopped TWICE during that trip! And one of those times I got a ticket.

The first time, I was trying to find her place. She lives out in the middle of nowhere, or so it felt, and even with my GPS, I was confused. It seems like the GPS was confused too. Seemed like I was driving around and around in circles, coming back to the same dang intersection.

One time I came up to an intersection, looked both ways, didn’t see any cars, and rolled through the intersection without stopping. Suddenly there was a cop behind me with his lights on!

I have no idea where he came from! He must’ve been parked behind a hill that I didn’t see, or something. And of course that was the time I didn’t come to a complete stop.

So yeah, you guessed it, I got a ticket for not coming to a complete stop at the stop sign. Geez. I’m sure his donut fund was low or something, but getting a ticket for that seems ridiculous. There wasn’t another car for miles around!

That was pretty frustrating.

As a side note, he looked just like the guy that pressure-washed my parents’ warehouse. I looked to see if he had a surface-cleaner sticking out of his squad car, but no. lol.  I almost asked if he worked for a pressure-washing company on the side, but I decided that wasn’t a good idea.
The other police incident happened on my way back home.

I had spent the whole day at my friend’s, and I was going to drive home overnight. It was like an 8-hour drive.

I had been on the road for maybe six hours—long enough that I had kind of zoned out. I wasn’t sleepy; I just didn’t really know where I was. I had plenty of gas so I wasn’t paying attention to any of the road signs saying what towns I was going through.

I was just driving and snacking and listening to music.
Suddenly I saw police lights in my rear-view mirror. I’m like, AGAIN? Seriously????!!

I pulled over. The cop came to my window with his flashlight and asked me if I knew why he had stopped me. I had no idea.

He asked if I knew where I was. I know my face was totally blank as I looked back at him because, again, I had no idea where I was. I barely knew what state I was in.

Then he asks me to get out of the car and walk along a line. Holy crap! He thought I was DRUNK!

At that point it felt kind of funny. I had apple seeds and cracker crumbs falling off my shirt, and my shorts were all wrinkly. I must’ve looked like a total bum.

Apparently I walked the line ok, because he handed me back my license and said, Ok, you can go now. I thought you might be drunk because you were weaving a bit.

Be careful, he said. Make sure you’re not getting sleepy. You only have an hour or so till you get home.
Thank God he didn’t give me a ticket. Two in one weekend would’ve really sucked.

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