Jan 18

Campus Clean and Feminism? Huh?

I went to school today, and to my surprise I saw the same pressure-washing company working on campus as had cleaned my parents’ warehouse.
It looks like they have the job of cleaning all of the sidewalks on campus. They had several workers out and about with pressure-washing equipment.
There was a guy standing by the truck that looked like the boss. I went over to say hi and talk to him. He looked familiar to me from when they had done the job at my parents’ warehouse and I had been there watching.
I asked him what the scope of the job was on the school campus. He said they were doing all of the sidewalks on campus as well as all of the curbs.
He also said they had the contract to do building washing of all of the buildings at the school.
When I looked around at the buildings, I realized that they really did need cleaning. Most of them had mold streaks down the sides, which made them look old and ugly. I hadn’t really noticed that before.

I asked the guy if they just cleaned with water and he shook his head and said no, they have a cleaning solution that they spray out onto the buildings. He said the solution kills the mold and gets rid of it.
So anyway they were there for probably a week, not just doing sidewalks but doing the buildings also. It really looked great when they were done.
Normally I wouldn’t pay attention to that sort of thing but because they had just cleaned my parents’ warehouse, I was more aware of them being on campus.
There were even a couple of days when I took some bottles of water to them, on my way from one class to another.
I remembered watching them drink a lot of water when they were on the job at my parents’ warehouse. I could see that they were far away from their truck on campus without any water. So I just decided to take them some water and they seemed to appreciate it.
On a different subject. . . .
I’m taking a class this semester called Women’s Studies. I wasn’t sure what I was signing up for, but It was the only class that fit into that spot on my schedule.
On the first day of class, the teacher introduced herself and said she was a radical feminist and a socialist and an atheist. That was quite the combination, I thought.
It made me think that this would probably be a great class because I am none of those things she described.
I was right. The class has had some great discussions. There are some students who are afraid of the teacher, so they don’t say anything. They just sit there wide-eyed, listening.
But there are some of us who aren’t afraid of her and enjoy challenging things that don’t sit right. I’m one of those. And the teacher seems to enjoy the discussions too. I would imagine so. Seems like they would keep her from being bored out of her mind teaching the same stuff year after year.

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