Dec 28

Jose Gets Distressed: Distressing Wood Properly

Hommikune udu Kakerdaja rabas

Jose gets distressed: Distressing Wood


Ahhh. I miss Estonia…

Sometimes I help my parents in the cabinet shop. I’ll go in and just see what latest project they’re working on. I know pretty much everything about every step of the cabinetmaking process so I can just jump in and help.

They have a couple of people that work with them. So they aren’t completely alone.
Yesterday I went in and I saw that they were doing a building a desk for someone. It was a beautiful desk and it was made out of maple.

The customer wanted the maple desk to be distressed so when I walked in there, Jose, the helper guy, was distressing the wood. He was doing this with a hammer and a chisel and it was fun to watch.

I think I would like to distress wood as an energy reliever or a stress reliever. You can just take the chisel and a hammer, and hammer away at the wood was out worrying about what it looks like at the end.

When José was done distressing the wood, the desk actually looked pretty terrible. But then when he put the first coat of stain on it, it started to look good. The stain sank into the nicks and cracks and gouges that he had just put there with the hammer and a chisel. And it made the gouges look like they were there because of age.

The desk pretty soon looked like it was a beloved well-used piece of furniture that has been handed down from generations past.

Along with the desk, José had built a matching hutch. He had some problems distressing this wood. I’m not sure why. He was having troubles with getting the gouges and scratches and the dings to look the same as they did on the desk.

I went over and showed him some places where I thought he could do a better job. He was not very happy to hear that from me. He said, Here! Do it yourself if you think you’re so smart!

So I did. I took that hammer and a chisel and whaled away on the hutch and pretty soon I thought it looked great.

José then took the stain and stained the hutch just like he had stained the desk. I was very gratified to see that my distressing job looked great with the stain on it.

The hutch and the desk ended up matching perfectly. José put on another layer of stain, and then after that there were several coats of finish that needed to go on top.

By the time all of the coats of stain had been applied and several coats of finish had been applied, the desk and the hutch really looked fabulous.
The installation crew came and took the desk and hutch away. They installed it for the customer.  The customer was very excited. He personally called my father to say that he loved how it turned out and that the distressing looked perfect.

My dad joked with me that maybe I should take over Jose’s job. Jose didn’t think that was funny at all, and he left the shop in a snit.
Poor Jose!

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